Culina­ry under the open sky

individual planning

Func­tion­a­li­ty meets design

Frei­luft­kü­che impres­ses with its clear design lan­guage wit­hout com­pro­mi­sing on equip­ment and work­man­ship. The enti­re body is screwed by hand and yet you can’t see a sin­gle screw. The har­mo­nious over­all appearance of pow­der-coa­ted pre­cis­i­on panels in mari­ne alu­mi­num is roun­ded off by a cover panel in fla­med Nero Asso­lu­to. The solid oak shel­ves pro­vi­de a har­mo­nious con­trast to the solid alu­mi­num and deep black Nero Asso­lu­to. The cus­to­mizable modu­lar sys­tem of the open-air kit­chen offers unli­mi­t­ed pos­si­bi­li­ties to give free rein to your ide­as and crea­te the open-air kit­chen of your dreams — no mat­ter in which RAL color.
We use only the hig­hest qua­li­ty mate­ri­als that are wea­ther resistant for 365 days.

The result is extre­me­ly high resis­tance and a pro­duct that will relia­bly accom­pa­ny you for decades.

Award-winning design from German craftsmanship.
Not­hing is more beau­tiful than a
Din­ner under the stars


Enjoy the time with your fri­ends. In the Frei­luft­kü­che, kit­chen time beco­mes fami­ly time!

Freiluftküche Modules

Our modu­lar sys­tem makes your Frei­luft­kü­che uni­que

Basic module

Basic modu­le

The various basic modu­les pro­vi­de a solid foun­da­ti­on for your inter­pre­ta­ti­on of out­door coo­king. Optio­nal dra­wers, shel­ves, doors and panels pro­vi­de ple­nty of sto­rage space.

Grill-fire module


The Grill-Fire-Modu­le sets the fli­cke­ring of the fire in a clear frame. Vibrant natu­re meets straight­for­ward design.

Grill module

Grill modu­le

Whe­ther it’s a gas bur­ner, elec­tric plan­cha or char­co­al grill, with a wide ran­ge of grills, plan­chas and a wok bur­ner, you can choo­se from a varie­ty of pre­pa­ra­ti­on options.

Water module

Water modu­le

Whe­ther for washing salad, vege­ta­bles or fish, for coo­king or sim­ply for washing hands. A sink is recom­men­ded in any case.

Light module

Light modu­le

This modu­le is a true mul­ti-talent. On the one hand, it pro­vi­des pro­tec­tion from wind and sun, which is a big plus on some ter­races, and on the other hand, it pro­vi­des wel­co­me illu­mi­na­ti­on every now and then.


Fri­dge module

Ver­sa­ti­le and wea­ther­pro­of, the BBQ Coo­ler blends seam­less­ly into the design of Frei­luft­kü­che and always pro­vi­des ple­nty of cool drinks in the sum­mer.

Island modu­le

A kit­chen island is also available for out­side. Whe­re space allows, this par­ti­cu­lar design is always an eye-cat­cher.



Of cour­se, we also offer sel­ec­ted access­ories. Add a high­light or two to your Frei­luft­kü­che.

We use only
the best materials

outdoor kitchen
Drops on the hot plate. Nero Assoluto natural stone can not be harmed by any weather conditions.

Nero Asso­lu­to: fla­med and impregnated

The cover pla­te made of black Nero Asso­lu­to is extre­me­ly wea­ther resistant, robust and abo­ve all easy to clean. To sup­port dura­bi­li­ty, Nero Asso­lu­to is impreg­na­ted and given a spe­cial fla­med sur­face finish.

Material mix high quality aluminum and Nero Assoluto natural stone.

Finest alu­mi­num with an ele­gant pow­der coating

The wea­ther resis­tance of the Frei­luft­kü­che runs through the enti­re pro­duct. Thus, we have also cho­sen a par­ti­cu­lar­ly high-qua­li­ty and resistant alloy for the body — alu­mi­num. This mate­ri­al com­bi­nes the hig­hest func­tion­a­li­ty with the finest aes­the­tics and, in com­bi­na­ti­on with a noble pow­der coa­ting, gua­ran­tees enorm­ously high cor­ro­si­on resis­tance and sta­bi­li­ty with mate­ri­al thic­k­nes­ses of up to eight millimeters.

Precision aluminum plates meet the natural product solid oak.

Shel­ves made of oak with an unu­su­al finish

The woo­den shel­ves of the Frei­luft­kü­che are made of solid, high-qua­li­ty solid oak wood
and form with their warm color sche­me a
har­mo­nious con­trast to the pow­der-coa­ted alu­mi­num body. They are spe­ci­al­ly finis­hed for out­door use. The beau­tiful natu­ral wood grain is com­ple­te­ly pre­ser­ved by a silk-matt, five-coat sealant with boat var­nish and is thus opti­mal­ly pro­tec­ted against the effects of the weather.

Thou­sands of possibilities

The sky is the limit — or your per­so­na­li­zed patio cover

The Frei­luft­kü­che har­mo­ni­zes per­fect­ly with Solar­lux and Ren­son ter­race roofs. While a slat­ted roof from Ren­son offers you a plea­sant cli­ma­te, espe­ci­al­ly in sum­mer, the glass roof from Solar­lux gives you an unob­s­truc­ted view of the sky. Moreo­ver, the area under the patio roof heats up won­derful­ly alre­a­dy in spring and also in autumn, so you can enjoy your gar­den and Frei­luft­kü­che even lon­ger. A nice addi­ti­on for out­door living addicts.

If you’­re brow­sing with an iPho­ne or iPad, you can even vir­tual­ly place the­se examp­les on your patio and see how well an Frei­luft­kü­che would look there. 

Befo­re After Die Freiluftküche steht ohne Dach 365 Tage draußenBedachungen perfekt geplant, alles aus einer Hand.

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Große wunderschöne outdoorküche in grau für den Garten

[CBC country=“de,at” show=“y”]Pri­ce on request![/CBC][CBC country=“ch” show=“y”]Price on request![/CBC]

Eine wunderschöne outdoorküche für den Garten

[CBC country=“de,at” show=“y”]Pri­ce on request![/CBC][CBC country=“ch” show=“y”]Price on request![/CBC]

The facts in black and white and lots of colorful pic­tures so you can start dreaming


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